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Apply for your Motorcycle Loan before you walk into the Motorcycle Dealership


Contrary to popular belief, getting a vehicle loan isn't impossible if you have bad credit or even no credit. Obviously, that applies to financing for motorcycles. If you're looking to get a new Yamaha motorcycle or a used Suzuki one, there are loan options out there that can help you do that, regardless of your credit history or current credit status.


If you have bad credit, what you need is guaranteed motorcycle financing.


Many lenders specialize in helping consumers with particularly bad credit get a second chance. These lenders and financial institutions offer guaranteed motorcycle financing, provided that you have a job and are over 18 years of age. For many of these lenders, those are the only two requirements that they have for approving a loan for a motorcycle.
It's essential that you can assure the lender that you have an ability to pay back the loan, which is why having a job is important. Be prepared to have pay check stubs on hand that is typically all the proof most lenders require for approval.


So, where do you start in finding these financial lenders and companies that can help you? Online is a good start: on the internet, there exists many lenders that offer guaranteed motorcycle financing at competitive loan interest rates and manageable and flexible loan terms. Many of these lenders are sub prime lenders, but online, you'll be able to find other companies that can lend - literally - a helping hand. In fact, many motorcycle dealerships offer in-house financing that help people who otherwise would have trouble getting financing approved due to bad credit, get on new or used motorcycles in no time.



With in-house financing, motorcycle dealers cut out the middlemen, and choose who to approve or not. With more control over the approval process, these motorcycle dealers often approve more consumers than they decline; after all, their end game goal is to attract more and more customers that bring their loans to fruition. By accepting most loans, those companies build up a healthy and robust loan portfolio which in turn brings in new customers.


Whether you're limiting your loan options online, or mixing it up with land-based lenders and dealers (and we recommend both an online and offline approach), always be ready to read your prospective loan's fine print carefully. You'll looking for the best deal in terms of loan interest rates, and payment terms. Make sure that you fully understand how much the loan will cost you by the loan's successful termination. There are many free loan calculators online that you can use to help you determine what your best deal is.


Also, know that if you're able to make a down payment for your motorcycle, the better since this will build equity in your vehicle, and potentially lower your loan interest rate, shorten your loan's terms, and lower your monthly payments.

So, if you have really bad credit or no credit, don't let that stop you from finding the many financial institutions, lenders and dealers offering in-house financing that can and will help you, regardless of your credit status.



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