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Acquiring financing for a swimming pool can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The most obvious is way to go to your financial institution and apply for a personal loan. This is probably the most efficient cost effective way. Personal loans interest rates are quite attractive now. Another way is to tap into your home equity line. This can get a bit tricky, because recent property devaluations throughout the nation have taken this option away from many property owners. Many people who believed that heir home equity was an ace-in-the-hole for them, have recently received a reality check upon application for opening a home equity loan or extending an existing credit line. Therefore, before going through this process, check with your financial institution first about your "new " property value.


Financing through a credit card is another option. I know this may seem crazy to some because of the usurious interest rate charges associated with credit cards, but, many times, credit card companies offer low or interest free purchases for extended periods of time. I receive offers like these all the time. Although I am not recommending this as a long term financing option, it can get you that pool and give you some time to find a more permanent fix. as long as you are a good timely payer, you will receive the offers also.



Many times the pool company will offer financing to their clients. In fact, most companies do. A word of caution here is important. Many times the interest rate that these companies charge is much higher than the rate you can get yourself by doing just a little legwork. It si important that you \keep these companies honest. Pool company financing is certainly easier in that it is a one-stop procedure, but, as stated, keep' em honest by checking around.


Lastly, there are some companies that will "in-house" finance. By that, I mean that hey will hold the loan themselves. Another word of caution here, the price of the pool and its installation will probably be higher because of the pool company's risk. I would only recommend this as a last option. It is costly and comes with restrictions. Check with your pool company, and have these caveats fully explained.


Do not enter into a contract with any pool company unless you are fully knowledgeable about the consequences and terms of your financing. Be comfortable with your choice and enjoy the water!




*Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of these businesses. Some of these business establishments may not offer bad credit financing and some may run your credit. If your business is listed on this site and would like it removed please contact us under the sitemap page